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Book Review – Fiscal Philately of Hungary

ISBN: 978-615-00-2143-0

by George Luzitano Ph. D. member of Society for Hungarian Philately (SHP)

This writer and student of the postage stamps and markings of the world has been busily dedicat-ed to this gathering and study for a full 64 years. Unlike most philatelists, I have also had an intense interest in the same pursuit of the fiscal stamps et relata for 64 years. I have seen some of the finest pieces of scholarship and collaboration on literature that has come to print. Armed with this background, I approached the book, Fiscal Philately of Hungary, confident that it would be a challenging but easily performed task to hopefully recommend Mr. Karoly Szücs’s book to all collectors and students of the fiscal stamps of Hungary.

As I scrolled down the text on my computer to get my first overall feel of the size and density of it, it was immediately clear that I had never seen anything like this before. This great work catalogs, describes, classifies, brings structure to the immense quantity of extants that the fiscal system of Hungary and its predecessor, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, into an accurate focus. Only the mind/minds of great collectors lead by the supreme collector could have assembled it. It was honestly, as we say in my native tongue (American English) “staggering.

The research area it comprised was comprehensive. Accordingly, the book includes in its work not just the federal taxation system, but also the stamps and documents of the many taxation systems locally instituted by the various agencies of that great country. In short, there is no question in my mind that the fiscal “philately” of Hungary has been arranged and beautifully arrayed in both its breadth and its depth to the eyes and minds of those fortunate enough to behold it.

So, when I say that this great work is a “must have” for any collector of tax stamps, I do not do so lightly. It is indeed a true paradigm for research and cataloguing of all fiscal stamps, markings and documents any student(s) to have access to. If as human beings we are truthful, few things have been pursued with more vigor by governments than the taxation of the citizens of this world. So, to have in one volume work of this prodigious and telling a kind is not just an honor and a pleasure, but a blessing to witness and to use.

Therefore, I salute Mr. Karoly Szucs and his great circle of friends who have established themselves as a new proud part of the assessment of the fiscal history of his great nation of the highest order.

About the former four editions in Hungarian language of:

Pénzügyi bélyegek Magyarországon és a Habsburg birodalomban

by Martin Brumby chairman of Austrian Philatelic Society in Great Britain

ISBN 978-963-06-3357-4, 978-963-06-3357-2, 978-963-06-3357-3, the fourth issue was published as script copy